Certification for financial institutions

About certification

Under the RSBP, employees of financial institutions in Central Asia can complete certification training programmes to demonstrate their professional expertise. The goal of the certification programmes is to support financial institutions in staff development and to provide participants with the opportunity to receive a document confirming their knowledge and professional qualification.

Typically, a certification programme envisages completion of a specific set of online courses on the platform, including final tests on each course and successful completion of a comprehensive certification test.

General information about certification testing:

  • The certification test includes questions on all topics of the courses that are part of the respective certification programme
  • For the test to be successful, participants must answer 80% of questions correctly
  • Participants can take the test any time convenient for them
  • The time allowed for taking the test, once started, is limited
  • Participants have only three attempts to pass the test
  • In case of an unsuccessful attempt to pass the test (one of the three possible), the next attempt will be accessible after 24 hours
  • If all three attempts were unsuccessful, no repeat certification on this area is possible

How you can receive a certificate:

  • You can download the certificate in the rating log after successfully passing the test
  • You can download the certificate to your device, can share it, or print it out

The certificate is protected by a unique security code that can be scanned and checked for authenticity. 

Information about certification programmes is provided in the Schedule section of the platform.

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