The latest trends in sustainable finance call for creation of an effective environmental and social risk management system for financial institutions. With an aim to support financial institutions in this area, the EBRD has developed a specialized E&S application (App). This App has been created to digitise the process of environmental and social screening, assessment and monitoring of your loans and investments. Put simply, EBRD has created a user-friendly one-stop-shop where our clients are led through the steps to perform the essential requirements of the E&S assessment process according to EBRD’s Performance Requirement 9 criteria.

Features of the App: 

  • Includes the following steps:
    • Exclusion List screening
    • Category A list screening
    • EBRD FI Referral List Screening
    • Low/medium/high risk categorisation based on NACE codes
    • E&S due diligence questionnaire for SME, corporate and project finance lending
    • Site visit questionnaire
    • Generation of Due Diligence Report in PDF
    • Suggestion of improvement measures and download of adaptable Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) in Excel
    • Mapping of loan to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • For free for EBRD clients
  • Built on open IT infrastructure (can be tailored to FI needs)
  • Downloadable onto Apple or Android devices

This app will enable Financial Institutions to implement environmentally and socially sound practices, serving to protect financial and business interests, reputation and legal position at the same timeBy using this App, not only will clients comply with our E&S requirements, you will also be able to acquire knowledge on how to run an environmental and social due diligence process based on international best practices for your loan portfolio. 

You can download the app from EBRD website by this link.